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To All Insurers
Ref. No:IRDA/Life/Misc/Cir/154 /07/2012 Date:17-07-2012
Modified Guidelines on Advertisements
On reviewing various advertisements filed with Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority and with the objective of offering a more facilitative approach to all insurers, the following modified guidelines are issued.
1.      In partial modification of point no. 3.7.1 of Advertisement Guidelines Circular No. 007/IRDA/Cir/Adv/May-07 dated 14th May, 2007 relating to Joint Sale Advertisements, it is decided to permit Insurers to release Joint Sales Advertisements, without prior approval of the Authority, in accordance to the applicable regulations / guidelines in vogue and file the same. However, all the Joint Sale Advertisements filed with the Authority shall continue to carry a certificate from the Appointed Actuary as specified therein. It is also reiterated that a Joint Sale Advertisement is permitted to be issued only with its Corporate Agent or with a Micro Insurance Agent.
2.      All the joint Sale Advertisements released shall be filed separately specifically mentioning therein that the Advertisements filed are ‘Joint Sale Advertisements’.
3.      Further, in partial modification of point no. 9 of the Advertisement Guidelines dated   14th May, 2007 all insurers shall file all types of the Advertisements referred therein, including Joint Sale Advertisements, within 7 days from the date of the release.    
4.      It is reiterated that all Advertisements approved by Insures for their Insurance Agents (Individual and Corporate) in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (6) IRDA (Insurance Advertisements) Regulations, 2000 and Clause 12 of Guidelines on Licensing of Corporate Agents No. 017I/IRDA/Circular/CA Guidelines/2005 dated 14th July, 2005 shall also comply with all provisions of Advertisement Regulations and Guidelines dated 14th May, 2007 and shall form part of Advertisement register referred at Regulation 3 (iii) of Insurance Advertisement Regulations. These Advertisements shall also be filed within 7 days as referred at point no. 3 above. 
These modified Guidelines will come into force with immediate effect.
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